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Israel's Promised Land Foundation believes that a single action can make a difference in the community and collective actions greatly impact the world. Through advocacy and outreach and with hope and compassion, our team works tirelessly to contribute to the greater good of everyone.

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Israel’s Promised Land Foundation provides job and life-skills training to help fill the gaps many at-risk adolescents navigate alone after high school and foster care. We work to fulfill their basic needs and to prepare their minds. Through mentorship and exposure to excellence, we work to connect our youth with community and industry leaders to inspire them to become productive, contributing members of society as they prepare to transition to independence.

Our mission is to provide resources, life-skills development, job training, and mentorship to foster care and underserved teens.

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Americorps Financial Literacy MD
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Future-Preneur Leadership Summit @ Fortitude Leadership Academy AL
Future-Preneur Leadership Summit @ Fortitude Leadership Academy AL
Future-Preneur Leadership Summit @ Fortitude Leadership Academy AL
Future-Preneur Leadership Summit @ Fortitude Leadership Academy AL
Future-Preneur Leadership Summit @ Fortitude Leadership Academy AL
Future-Preneur Leadership Summit @ Fortitude Leadership Academy AL
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Solomons Temple Foundation





Karen Jordan is an Atlanta native dedicated to helping others, from serving the community to pursuing passions. She is an executive, sales professional, entrepreneur, advocate, and humanitarian. With over 21 years of executive leadership and sales experience in the banking, mortgage lending, technology, and health and fitness industries, she is an experienced corporate professional.
Karen takes the most pride in her charitable works, serving with multiple nonprofits and community groups, as a speaker, board member, organizer, and fundraiser. She loves advocating and raising awareness for homelessness, foster children, lupus, and other chronic illnesses. She is an avid fundraiser and volunteer. Karen also serves as Vice-Chairman on the Advisory Board for Calalus Charities, a VSO nonprofit and as a member of the Walk Advisory Committee for the Lupus Foundation of America, Georgia Chapter.
Karen believes we all should be a resource to others using the best aspects of our life experiences and knowledge to help others and improve the community and society in general.





Franceska Sparkle is a mother of 3 and pursuing a Master's Degree at Arizona State University. Franceska is co-author of the book Partners Not Projects which can be found at Barnes and Nobles, Books A Million, as well as Amazon. 
Having her daughter at age 15 pushed her to strive for more. Franceska’s mission has always been to share her story with other women to let them know they were not alone. She points out to women that it’s extremely important to love yourself first but also understand that when you bring a child into this world - failure is not an option. 
Franceska Sparkle first created a program called Sparkle Our Youth in 2019 that was designed as a networking group for moms to support each other, exchange business goals, and create a safe haven for kids to play.
Sparkle Our Youth evolved into Partners Not Projects which is a community-based program centered around aiding single moms with transitional housing programs, therapeutic services for families, and financial literacy while working with foster care programs throughout the East Coast and rehabilitation programs for returning citizens.

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Shawnté Jefferies is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor practicing in Maryland. Ms. Jefferies is employed with an outpatient mental health clinic and has established a private practice treating children, adolescents, and adults. Ms. Jefferies has extensive experience supporting survivors of domestic violence in Prince George's County with the Family Justice Center. In addition to various services provided to adults in the region, she worked as a therapist with the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative assisting students. She collaborated in the coordination of care for foster care youth with the Department of Social Services in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Ms. Jefferies is committed to serving the community and providing quality care.



Verneicia Allen is a certified pharmacy technician in Atlanta, GA. With a master’s degree in Public Health from Texas Tech University, Verneicia puts her education to use in the community professionally and personally. With a passion for health and service, she brings change to the community by volunteering at local events and ensuring access to quality, safe health care on and off the job. Verneicia donates her time and expertise to assess specific populations’ needs, mobilizes partnerships, facilitates health promotion, and evaluates the effectiveness of population-based healthcare programs. Serving the community and bettering the health of others has always been her passion. She looks forward to doing more work with young girls who battling the side effects of cancer to help transform their mindset through self-confidence, selfcare, and self-love.

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Bringing Change In Our Communities

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One Step At A Time

Israel's Promised Land provides mentorship and leadership to adolescents in state system foster care programs. IPL ultimately aspires to help every child take the next step in life whether it's college, a career path, vocational work, or entrepreneurship. Our enrichment programs are crafted to provide practical, fundamental life skills training to adolescents for greater independence and success for their next step in life. Each program prepares them to become productive, contributing members of society.Our It’s Packaged in Love Packs filled with necessities from essential personal care items to clothing for underserved children and all children in the foster care system. IPL encourages any child in need of food, shelter, or clothing to please contact us. We will connect you with our community partners and resources.


Helping The Community

Israel's Promised Land has ongoing initiatives in advocacy, awareness, and child welfare. Our goal is to coordinate and provide assistance for those in need. With access to the proper resources, these young people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Learn more about our programs and outreach initiatives. Get in touch with our team today.

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